Soil and Water Management

Who is this course for?

  • Those working as advisers, representatives, farmers and farm managers involved in arable crop production and management
  • Those who wish to pass the BASIS examination leading to a certificate in Soil and Water Management

What are the course objectives?

  • Appreciate the principles governing the maintenance of soil organic matter contents, maintenance of good soil structure and methods for the prevention of water and wind erosion
  • Appreciate the legal requirements for the protection of soil and the maintenance of soil health
  • Appreciate the mechanics, economics and environmental aspects of cultivation
  • Appreciate the relationships between soil and water management to enable best use of land and minimisation of diffuse pollution
  • Understand the role of plant nutrients in crop production and their application, all with due regard for environmental protection
  • Understand the advantages, risks and legal aspects of the application of farm manures and other organic manure products to land

What does the course teach?

  • Soil protection and soil health
  • Prevention of water and wind erosion
  • Mechanics, economics and environmental aspects of cultivation
  • Soil physical properties – texture and structure
  • Soil organic matter
  • Soil water properties
  • Drainage and irrigation
  • Plant macro/micronutrients and fertiliser planning
  • Manures and soil organic inputs to enhance crop growth and their effects on diffuse pollution

How long is the course?

  • Five days plus one day examination
  • Examination includes 20 multiple choice questions, 3 short answer papers and a Farm Management Plan (open book VIVA exam in a field)

What qualification does it provide?

  • BASIS Soil and Water Management Certificate  and 25 Continuing Professional Development points (CPD)
  • The course also contributes to the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy and the Harper Adams University College ‘Graduate Diploma in Agronomy with Environmental Management’.

What does it cost?

£1450 plus VAT to include exam fees, materials and lunch on each day

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